Our Mission

Our society serves its members and represents the specialty of Pediatric Dentistry in the State of New Jersey.

Our goal is to advocate optimal oral health for infants, children, adolescents/teenagers and persons with special needs.

We will represent the oral health issues of all children in the State of New Jersey.

We will encourage, sponsor and advance the achievement of high and ethical standards of practice for our members.

We will strive to promote to the public scientific information and advancements in Pediatric Dentistry.

We will create a “Dental Home” for our patients that will include:

  1. An accurate and honest assessment of dental diseases and conditions.
  2. An individualized preventive dental health program.
  3. Guidance regarding growth and development issues (i.e. teething, habits, orthodontics)
  4. A plan for emergency treatment, including pain or dental trauma.
  5. Information about proper nutrition practices
  6. Information about proper care of a child’s teeth and gums.
  7. Comprehensive dental care in accordance with accepted guidelines.
  8. Referral to other specialists when indicated and when in the best interest of our patients.
  9. Insurance that all professionals rendering pediatric dental care will continually and regularly educate themselves, keeping abreast of new procedures that would enhance patient care.
  10. Keeping treatment facilities up to date and in compliance with Current infection control guidelines
  11. Doctors and staff will provide services to patients in a kind, Respectful and courteous manner.