New Jersey Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

NJAPD Full Day In-Person Spring Course 5/1/24

Wednesday – May 1, 2024 Live Lecture
8am – 9am Breakfast/registration
9am – 5pm Program (break for lunch)

7 CE credits

Delta by Marriott 
110 Davidson Avenue
Somerset, New Jersey 08873

Includes: Continental Breakfast, Lunch, Program Materials.
*Lunch Buffett – If you require a KOSHER meal please let us know

Course Title: Orthodontics: What to treat, When and Why,The Case for Extractions, Wisdom Teeth: An Orthodontic Perspective

Presented by: Michael Messana, DMD

Course content and educational objectives  

Orthodontics: What to treat, When and Why – Have you ever seen an eight year old with an  orthodontic problem? Well, sure you have. What about a six year old with a posterior cross  bite? How about a thirteen year old with a Class III? What about a thirty five year old with an  impacted canine? Again yes, yes, and yes. Okay so when is the best time to treat their  particular problem? Is it too late? Is it too early? How do you guide parents, patients? Are  there things that you the General Dentist or Pediatric Dentist should look for in growing  children? Maybe there are signs of future problems that you could find in routine exams, but do  you know what to look for? The answers are complex, but there are answers. Orthodontic  research has been addressing these questions for some time. If you’ve had questions about  orthodontic treatment timing then this lecture is for you. Course Outline Touted benefits of  early treatment include a) less treatment time b) less need for extractions c) more orthopedic  change d) better more stable treatment. Is it always true, sometimes true? We will look at the  following classifications and consider this. 1) Cross bite Post/Ant 2) Open Bite 3) Deep Bite 4)  Impacted Canines 5) Crowding 6) Class II 7) Class III  

Orthodontics: The Case for Extractions – You’ve sent a patient of yours to the Orthodontist, in  turn the Orthodontist sends the patient back with a note to take out some teeth. What are  some of the likely effects of orthodontic extractions? What are the stability issues, facial  issues, periodontal issues? What if we don’t take out teeth? What if we take teeth other than  first premolars? Are there reasonable non extraction alternatives? This lecture is designed to  take a hard look at the world of orthodontic extractions to look at the good, the great, and the  not so great associated with orthodontic extractions. Should you be interested? If you are  holding the forceps, you should be. Course Outline 1) Understanding the controversy of  orthodontic extractions. 2) Historical vs modern issues around extraction therapy 3) Hard look  at the facial esthetic issues 4) Non extraction alternatives 5) Possible indications for  extractions  

Wisdom Teeth: An Orthodontic Perspective – Wisdom teeth are sometime problematic, often  they are horizontal, impacted. Occasionally they have a cyst or some other pathology. Should  they stay or should they go? What are the risks of keeping them, vs the risks associated with  removal? Does Orthodontics have a role in whether there is adequate space? Does age play a  role in extraction timing? If so…when is the optimal time for wisdom teeth to be removed?  What if the wisdom teeth are healthy? Is there cause for preventative removal? Further, do  wisdom teeth cause “shifting” or retention problems? Are we justified in removing wisdom teeth  to prevent “shifting”? Can we distalize teeth into wisdom teeth extraction areas? Can we  transplant wisdom teeth? Interested? Come and find out. Course Outline 1) Evolutionary Trends  2) Missing or Size alterations 3) Predictable? 4) Removal Problems 5) Age Related Issues 6)  Pathology review 7) Interprox. reduction and orthodontics 8) effects of extractions 3)  protracting or distalizing into wisdom teeth space.


Michael Messana, DMD  

PERSONAL- Born and raised in New York. Son of a Dentist and a Schoolteacher. Married  to a Dentist Bernadetta for 30 + years with two children, Michael and Marianna.  COLLEGE- Fairleigh Dickinson University — 1985-1987 Attended Fairleigh Dickinson  University’s six-year Accelerated Dental Program. President Tri-Beta Biological Society,  President Pre-Professional Society. Dean’s List. Who’s Who in American Colleges 1987.  Graduated with a Bachelor’s Science degree in Biology Summa Cum Laude.  DENTAL SCHOOL —1987-1991 Attended Fairleigh S. Dickinson Jr. College of Dental  Medicine 1987-1989. Elected school ASDA representative. One of the three students  transferred to University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey as a Junior upon  notice of closure of F.D.U. College of Dental Medicine. Graduated with Doctor of Medical  Dentistry Degree from UMDNJ in 1991. Omega Kappa Upsilon.  

ORTHODONTIC PROGRAM — 1991-1993 Attended New York University’s Post Graduate  Program in Orthodontics. Evening Program Faculty teaching General Dentistry. Class  President second year. Received Certificate in Orthodontics July 1993. FELLOWSHIP —  1993-1994 Attended Bellevue Hospital’s Orthognathic Fellowship. Responsibilities  included pre and post surgical orthodontics, pre surgical evaluation, model surgery, stent  fabrication, surgical assisting in operating room. Received Certificate of Fellowship July  1994.  

ORGANIZATIONS — 1993-present Member Hudson County Dental Society, Member  New Jersey Dental Association, Member American Dental Association, Member New  Jersey Association of Orthodontists, Member Middle Atlantic Society of Orthodontists  Member American Association of Orthodontists, Board of Trustees Hudson County  Dental Society 1998- present, President Hudson County Dental Society 2001, Trustee to  New Jersey Dental Association from Hudson County Dental Society 2002-2008.  Treasurer NJDA 2008-2009, Secretary NJDA 2009-2010, Vice President NJDA 2010- 2011. NJDA .NJDA President-2011- 2012 NJDA Access to Care Committee Chair 2010- 2014